Coastal-inspired children's clothing your family can wear from the beach straight to the barbecue. Thoughtfully designed in Charleston, SC by moms. Skillfully made in Jaipur, India by artisans. 

What’s in a name? 

It started with Georgie. A sweet, soft giraffe lovey, hauled around under the arm of Sarah’s oldest son, Max. When this prized possession went missing, sweet Max would walk around looking for his “dear, dear Georgie”.  

The name stuck and an idea sparked. Wanting to dress her children in clothing that could match the beach-to-barbecue lifestyle of her home in Mt. Pleasant, SC, Sarah created a line of fun, playfully patterned children’s clothing durable enough to hold up to rough kiddos while also classic enough to hold up to a mama bear’s standards. 

dear georgie was born. 

Initial collections included girl’s dresses and boys shorts in lively patterns of bright popsicles, red crabs, sea stars and waves. But with three young children and a growing photography career (and ahem, a global pandemic) Sarah stepped away from dear georgie for a few seasons. But her desire to create fun, unique patterned children’s clothing never left. 

A year later, dear georgie is back! 

Relaunching in Spring 2021, Sarah is joined by Cooper and Amyleigh in bringing dear georgie back to life with new patterns, styles and fabrics. At the core of dear georgie is our belief that sharing with others a full life makes. With this, one pattern of each collection is lovingly called the ‘pattern with a purpose’’. A percentage of sales from the ‘purpose pattern’ will be donated to an organization that is not only meaningful to the dear georgie team, but also reflects the theme of the pattern.